Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Camera Toss in Foto Magazin!

Der große Wurf! It's the new title for the camera tossing special in Foto Magazin. Literally translated, it means "The Great Toss!" This is the perfect medium for reaching out to the photography world (well at least in Europe's German speaking countries at least). Need some mental refreshment? Here's the introduction and interview about Foto Magazin and Anja Martin from May.

To review, Foto Magazin is a photography magazine that focuses on all types of imaging from contemporary photography to practical and technical photography advice. They publish camera reviews and once in a while, will cover new and experimental types of photography, like camera tossing! With a readership of over 300,000 people, Foto Magazin is Europe's leading photography magazine. They specifically cater to the German speaking countries including Germany, Switzerland, and Austria.

Anja Martin, the author of this superb article, hand selected a few active members of the camera tossing community to learn more about us individually and about camera tossing as a whole. Her extensive interviews are clearly reflected in the in depth coverage of camera tossing in her five page article. Below are some screen shots of the article. If you would like a PDF copy, simply contact me and I will forward you one right away!

Foto Magazin Page 1-2 Foto Magazin Page 3-4 Foto Magazin Page 5

Foto Magazin has also published a short version of their article online on their website. It's a basic summary of Anja's article and may be of interest to you. Click below to read about it more:

Camera Toss in Foto Magazin

But why read some digital copy when you can read it in full in the actual magazine? It's out on the shelves so pick one up! The article begins on page 18, and on page 19, you will find my very own camera toss. It's one of my Waterfall camera tosses and can be viewed in its original post.

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