Thursday, October 25, 2007

Camera Toss on Anaesthetix's New Album!

Camera tossing and electronic music have partnered in Micromatek's new album - It's Not A Game. This electronica group comes from the record label Anaesthetix and their 3 track album is simply hot hot hot! This group is based in Torino, Italy - but who says the rest of the world can't enjoy their music? But more importantly, our works have converged to create an exciting album cover for everyone to see. It's animated, flashy, and awesome. I like it a lot. Each camera toss represents one of their three songs on this album: Acid Girl Toys, Wake Up At 3.00 PM, and I Lost My u.f.o. Click the album cover below to see it in its flashing glory!

Camera Toss
But wait, haven't you seen these camera tosses before? Indeed you have, they are from my recent Pax Otium and Sea Breeze camera tossing sets. Take a look below to see how they skillfully adapted my camera tosses for their new album cover:

Acid Girl Toys Wake Up at 3 I Lost My UFO
Pax Otium 3 Pax Otium 8 Sea Breeze 9

Want to listen to the songs of It's Not A Game? Or simply learn more about Aenesthetix and Micromatek? Here are some links that you may find interesting:

Aenesthetix's Official Website/Blog
Aenesthetix's Music MySpace
Micromatek's Music MySpace

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Dry Cleaning

Here is a new set of camera tosses made at a Dry Cleaning station. The lighting was actually different this time, and consisted of green and red neon lights on the outside of this dry cleaning station.

Resolution: 2592 x 1944 | Subject: Neon lights

1.89 Dry Cleaners 1 by Jonathan Vo 1.89 Dry Cleaners 2 by Jonathan Vo 1.89 Dry Cleaners 3 by Jonathan Vo 1.89 Dry Cleaners 4 by Jonathan Vo 1.89 Dry Cleaners 5 by Jonathan Vo 1.89 Dry Cleaners 6 by Jonathan Vo 1.89 Dry Cleaners 7 by Jonathan Vo 1.89 Dry Cleaners 8 by Jonathan Vo