Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Fotomagazin Interview & Article

Anja Martin, a freelance writer, has contacted me to do an interview with a German photography magazine called Foto Magazin. Foto Magazin is Germany's leading photography magazine with a readership of over 300,000 people making it Europe's most read photography publication (Moreover, it reaches it's main German speaking countries of Germany, Switzerland and Austria.) They target both amateur and professional photographers. Since 1949, they have focused on all types of imaging from contemporary photography to practical and technical photography advice.

Currently, Anja is working on an article about the art of camera tossing and have chosen select members of the camera tossing community, of which I was one of those selected. This article will feature camera tosses from about five other people and will be published mid-June.

So if you live in Germany, grab a copy of Fotomagazin in June and take a look! Once I receive my own copy, I will definitely give you guys a look at what they've done. Check back to see if there are any updates!

Updates: The article was delayed to ensure proper documentation and understanding of the art of camera tossing. However, if you're reading this now, you're in luck because the article was just released in the August 2007 edition of Foto Magazin! If you're living in a German speaking country, go to your local book shop and pick up an issue of Foto Magazin. Snapshots and translations of it will be coming soon so keep checking back!

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