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Camera Toss Shared Source Project

There's a new project in the camera tossing community that's getting everyone in the fun of this exciting method of photography. The moderators over at the Camera Toss Flickr group have created a multi-photographer collaboration that involves just one simple source image. With different cameras, photographers, and monitors used, it's exciting to see the results people get when camera tossing in front of the same source image. This project is also headed by Jens Ludwig, one of the more prominent camera tossers out there. Come join the fun - the details are right here in the Camera Toss group discussions.

In the meantime, here are some more of my own camera tosses derived from this project...
Camera Toss Shared Source by Jonathan Vo

Camera Toss Shared Source by Jonathan Vo

These photos were created as part of a multi-photographer Camera Toss Group collaboration. The pattern primitive image used with permission and under the terms of the Creative Commons; Attribution, Non-Commercial, Share-Alike 2.0 license. See Shared Source Collaboration #1 and results. See also all results of such themes.

Camera Tossing Project?

Camera Toss Shared Source by Jonathan Vo
Something is brewing up in the camera tossing community....

More information to follow soon.

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