Thursday, November 15, 2007

Moss. Algae. Fungi.

Here are three mismatched but related camera toss sets entitled Moss, Algae, and Fungi, primarily for their green hues and natural shapes.

Subject: LCD Monitor | Resolution: 2816 x 1872

Moss 1 Moss 2 Moss 3 Moss 4 Moss 5

Algae 1 Algae 2 Algae 3 Algae 4

Fungi 1 Fungi 2 Fungi 3

Wednesday, November 7, 2007


This was taken in the early evening when the sun was about to go down. I opened up my window blinds a little bit and allowed the light to enter causing the uniform "ripples" you see in the photo.

Subject: Window blinds | Resolution: 2816 x 1872

Camera Tossing by Jonathan Vo

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Camera Toss on Anaesthetix's New Album!

Camera tossing and electronic music have partnered in Micromatek's new album - It's Not A Game. This electronica group comes from the record label Anaesthetix and their 3 track album is simply hot hot hot! This group is based in Torino, Italy - but who says the rest of the world can't enjoy their music? But more importantly, our works have converged to create an exciting album cover for everyone to see. It's animated, flashy, and awesome. I like it a lot. Each camera toss represents one of their three songs on this album: Acid Girl Toys, Wake Up At 3.00 PM, and I Lost My u.f.o. Click the album cover below to see it in its flashing glory!

Camera Toss
But wait, haven't you seen these camera tosses before? Indeed you have, they are from my recent Pax Otium and Sea Breeze camera tossing sets. Take a look below to see how they skillfully adapted my camera tosses for their new album cover:

Acid Girl Toys Wake Up at 3 I Lost My UFO
Pax Otium 3 Pax Otium 8 Sea Breeze 9

Want to listen to the songs of It's Not A Game? Or simply learn more about Aenesthetix and Micromatek? Here are some links that you may find interesting:

Aenesthetix's Official Website/Blog
Aenesthetix's Music MySpace
Micromatek's Music MySpace

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Dry Cleaning

Here is a new set of camera tosses made at a Dry Cleaning station. The lighting was actually different this time, and consisted of green and red neon lights on the outside of this dry cleaning station.

Resolution: 2592 x 1944 | Subject: Neon lights

1.89 Dry Cleaners 1 by Jonathan Vo 1.89 Dry Cleaners 2 by Jonathan Vo 1.89 Dry Cleaners 3 by Jonathan Vo 1.89 Dry Cleaners 4 by Jonathan Vo 1.89 Dry Cleaners 5 by Jonathan Vo 1.89 Dry Cleaners 6 by Jonathan Vo 1.89 Dry Cleaners 7 by Jonathan Vo 1.89 Dry Cleaners 8 by Jonathan Vo

Saturday, September 22, 2007

The Detriments of Aging

These camera tosses are of an assortment of traffic lights, tail lights, and head lights - highly reminiscent of my first on-the-road camera tossing set. Furthermore, if you take a closer look, you will notice how the lights gradually grow into larger forms - a metaphorical interpretation of how many elements of life get larger (and sometimes more difficult to handle).

Resolution: 2592 x 1944 | Subject: Lights on the road

The Detriments of Aging 1 by Jonathan Vo The Detriments of Aging 2 by Jonathan Vo The Detriments of Aging 3 by Jonathan Vo The Detriments of Aging 4 by Jonathan Vo The Detriments of Aging 5 by Jonathan Vo The Detriments of Aging 6 by Jonathan Vo The Detriments of Aging 7 by Jonathan Vo The Detriments of Aging 8 by Jonathan Vo The Detriments of Aging 9 by Jonathan Vo The Detriments of Aging 10 by Jonathan Vo The Detriments of Aging 11 by Jonathan Vo The Detriments of Aging 12 by Jonathan Vo

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Squared Light

After over a month of waiting, I have finally received my own copies of Foto Magazin! What a terribly long wait, but it was well worth it! The print and article look amazing. On the other hand, featured below is also one of my first LCD tosses. The subject was a simple hollow square. Enjoy.

Resolution: 2592 x 1944 | Subject: LCD Monitor

Squared Light by Jonathan Vo

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Camera Toss in Foto Magazin!

Der gro├če Wurf! It's the new title for the camera tossing special in Foto Magazin. Literally translated, it means "The Great Toss!" This is the perfect medium for reaching out to the photography world (well at least in Europe's German speaking countries at least). Need some mental refreshment? Here's the introduction and interview about Foto Magazin and Anja Martin from May.

To review, Foto Magazin is a photography magazine that focuses on all types of imaging from contemporary photography to practical and technical photography advice. They publish camera reviews and once in a while, will cover new and experimental types of photography, like camera tossing! With a readership of over 300,000 people, Foto Magazin is Europe's leading photography magazine. They specifically cater to the German speaking countries including Germany, Switzerland, and Austria.

Anja Martin, the author of this superb article, hand selected a few active members of the camera tossing community to learn more about us individually and about camera tossing as a whole. Her extensive interviews are clearly reflected in the in depth coverage of camera tossing in her five page article. Below are some screen shots of the article. If you would like a PDF copy, simply contact me and I will forward you one right away!

Foto Magazin Page 1-2 Foto Magazin Page 3-4 Foto Magazin Page 5

Foto Magazin has also published a short version of their article online on their website. It's a basic summary of Anja's article and may be of interest to you. Click below to read about it more:

Camera Toss in Foto Magazin

But why read some digital copy when you can read it in full in the actual magazine? It's out on the shelves so pick one up! The article begins on page 18, and on page 19, you will find my very own camera toss. It's one of my Waterfall camera tosses and can be viewed in its original post.

Monday, August 20, 2007