Sunday, July 15, 2007

Pax Viridis

Throughout the course of your camera tossing hobby/activity, you may find that you're stuck with the usual black background, and occasionally a little bit of dark blue or purple. So here's an easy solution. Remember that little "negative" setting in your camera that was never really useful for anything? Well now it will be. You'll get a new refreshing outlook on camera tossing as white and other new colors come into play under this setting. Here's an example with my recent Pax Otium camera tossing set:

Pax Viridis 1 by Jonathan Vo Pax Viridis 3 by Jonathan Vo Pax Viridis 4 by Jonathan Vo Pax Viridis 6 by Jonathan Vo Pax Viridis 7 by Jonathan Vo Pax Viridis 8 by Jonathan Vo

How to do negative camera tosses:
  1. Everything is physically the same. Continue your usual camera tossing techniques.
  2. Explore your digital camera's settings, specifically the manual mode where it lets you tweak some minor settings. Find a setting where it says "negative" or "invert," it may be near other settings including "sepia," "solarize," and "black and white."
  3. Select that option, and perform your camera toss. However, if for any reason you don't have that negative setting, you can invert your camera toss image on the computer. (Or you can shoot in normal mode, and then invert later and have the best of both worlds.) Photoshop is a popular photo editing software you can use. Depending on the version you have, these steps may be a little bit different. Go to Image > Adjust > Invert.
  4. Have fun and experiment with different original colors. On the other hand, don't expect every inverted camera toss to turn out good. Not all colors can be inverted nicely.

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