Saturday, February 3, 2007

Press & Exhibitions

Camera tossing has gained so much popularity not only through its respective Flickr group, but rather countless articles and reports in magazines and newspapers. Of which, my very own camera tosses have made it into several mediums. Take a look below to find out more information.

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What: Foto Magazin
When: August 2007 Edition
Description: Anja Martin features the art of camera tossing to the rest of the photography world. In a 5 page article she covers many points of camera tossing. Must read!

What: Mission: Volunteering
When: August - September Edition
Description: Houston's Memorial Hermann Southwest Hospital features members of its board in which camera tossing was highlighted in Jonathan Vo's profile.

What: Micromatek - It's Not A Game EP
When: October 2007
Description: Camera tossing and electronic music have come together in a new album cover for the Italian group - Micromatek. See what record label Anaesthetix has created this time!

Camera tossing has also made a long way since it first originated back in 2005. Its momentum has driven this style of photography into many museums and galleries. Of which, some of my very own camera tosses were exhibited. Below are some of the exhibitions that I've participated in so far...

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Command Z Exhibition at Torrance Art Museum
Command Z
March 31 - May 26, 2007

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