Friday, June 22, 2007

Rest in Peace Calvin Nguyen

Blueberry Burst by Jonathan Vo

This camera toss is dedicated to Calvin Nguyen. He's a guy I've never truly met. I've seen him a few times these past two weeks in a government and economics course, but otherwise I have never spoken a word to him. He went to Dulles High School and was supposedly really smart, fun, and particularly popular. I personally don't know. But, on Thursday evening , June 21st, 2007, Calvin got into a car accident and suffered a fatal death. The accident happened on Lexington Blvd. heading towards Highway 6 at one of the entrances to the Gables Apartments. Summer school won't be the same with out you. Even for people who don't even know you. It's so strange to have someone in your class to be there one day studying next to you, and the next day gone. Tragic. Feel free to leave your comments and condolences...

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