Saturday, April 28, 2007

Command Z Exhibition Update

If you didn't know, the Torrance Art Museum in California is showcasing camera tossing in the Command Z Exhibition. It's not like any other regular art show with clean walls and canvases hung up. It reflects the modern medium of digital art. Through exciting interfaces, observers can play with projectors and explore hundreds of camera tosses or simply view them as an ongoing slideshow.

I currently have 65 active camera tosses being displayed in Command Z (and this number will continue to grow through end of May). Note: These photos are not from Command Z at the Torrance Art Museum... I couldnt take pictures of this exhibition because I'm still a student and I can't leave the house to visit my photography so far away!

This show has started to pick up media as more and more people come to visit this free exhibit. Some of this media includes:

The L.A. Times - A Fast Forward Trip Through Time's Passage
JPG Magazine - Right Now: Torrance, CA: Command Z
The Daily Breeze - Art: Pixel perfect
Bush Finger - Please Select an Artist


  1. It's a good show, and I'm glad you could be part of it. I hope we can bring it to New York sometime in the future.

  2. Thanks, I enjoyed it a lot, I'm going to miss it when it closes in just a few days. Hopefully I will be able to travel to where my camera tosses go next time.

    I've hope everyone else enjoyed the camera toss displays as well. And if you are living in the Los Angeles area, now is your last chance to take a good look at some amazing camera tosses.